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Novavax has delayed starting a large, decisive clinical trial of its Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S. and Mexico to sometime in the coming weeks due to manufacturing issues, versus an earlier plan to start by the end of November

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An increasingly common diagnosis for long-haul Covid-19 patients is a condition called POTS, a blood circulation disorder in which patients often get symptoms such as rapid fluctuations in heartbeats and blood pressure, lightheadedness and fainting

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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said the state’s machine recount of the presidential race is on schedule to be completed by Wednesday, and pushed back against accusations of widespread fraud in the state’s Nov. 3 election results

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New Zealand’s workplace safety regulator has filed charges against 13 parties after an investigation into the volcanic eruption that killed 22 people last year

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Increased travel and Thanksgiving gatherings will likely result in a surge of new coronavirus cases, scientists and public-health experts say. Infectious-disease experts and epidemiologists are urging Americans to take preventative steps now.

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President-elect Joe Biden faces early decisions about whether to undo some of President Trump’s executive actions—on Iran, Afghanistan and climate change, among others. @GeraldFSeib offers a look at the most pressing.

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The Trump administration blacklisted a major Chinese government-owned defense company it said sold goods to Venezuela that aided political repression by President Nicolás Maduro's regime

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From @WSJopinion: The study of a vaccine’s safety and efficacy doesn’t end with FDA approval, write @ScottGottliebMD and Mark McClellan

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Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly will be sworn in as a senator on Wednesday, reducing Republicans' majority in the chamber by one seat in the final month of the current Congress

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“We have no conversation with other residents. We’re completely isolated in our rooms.” The coronavirus has resurged in Europe’s nursing homes, forcing facilities choose between another period of crushing isolation or risk greater exposure to the virus.

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Mood music. An art exhibition. Organic ginger beer. In Japan, laundromats offer high-end services.

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A year ago, Chinese electric-vehicle startup NIO was near ruin. Today it is worth more than General Motors.

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The relationship between the executives who advertise that burger you're eating and the people who make it has powered American business. Now, the franchise system is under stress.

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How did Americans, working from home in response to the coronavirus, spend the extra time they regained from not commuting? They worked more #WSJWhatsNow

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Bitcoin rose to an all-time high on Monday to set its first fresh record in nearly three years. The digital currency has nearly tripled in price this year.

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his intention to leave the agency in January, clearing the way for Joe Biden to select a new head of the telecom regulator

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The U.S. system for providing unemployment benefits has consistently produced inaccurate data and lower-than-appropriate payouts to some workers amid the pandemic, a government watchdog said

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As director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese will play a lead role in implementing the president-elect’s economic agenda, with a focus on rebuilding the economy amid the pandemic

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Facebook is nearing a deal to buy Kustomer, a startup that specializes in customer-service platforms and chatbots, that would value the company at about $1 billion, according to people familiar with the matter

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Credit Suisse, hit by a spying scandal, said physical surveillance wasn’t part of its toolbox. A probe has found earlier instances of employees being followed.

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