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Gillmor Gang: Off The Record
@fradice @mickeleh @denispombriant @kteare
@brentleary / @tinagillmor
@gillmorgang by @stevegillmor

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Mary Meeker's Bond is closing on $2 billion for its second fund, per a new filing by @cookie

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The Aston Martin DBX is a tale of two vehicles by @tamaratam

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Bank of America is bringing VR instruction to its 4,000 banks by @lucasmtny

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Revolut lets customers switch to Revolut Bank in 10 additional countries by @romaindillet

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Replying to @yoda: live with @DannyCrichton

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UPDATE: SpaceX's Starship prototype did blow up after landing after all – after resting stationary on the pad for around 10 minutes following touchdown:

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live with @DannyCrichton

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SpaceX's Starship prototype flies to 32,000 feet and sticks the landing in third flight test by @etherington

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Jason Jones, The Last Mile remote instructor, explains the classes offered by the program to help adults and youth learn tech literacy while in prison.

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The tech industry has the resources to hire formally incarcerated individuals, they just need to do it, says Deepti Rohatgi, Slack's Head of Slack for Good and Public Affairs.

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Daily Crunch: Google swears off ad-tracking by @anthonyha

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Aly Tamboura sees projects like The Last Mile and Slack's The Next Chapter as demonstrating what's possible within the prison system.

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As activist investors loom, what’s next for Box? by @ron_miller and @alex

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A company's Internal tools and systems are a way to embody accessibility in a material way, says Cynthia L. Bennett, Postdoctoral Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Building accessibility features into a product isn't a challenge if the process is baked into the company's workflow from the startup, says Srin Madipalli, Co-founder and former CEO of Accomable.

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Cashify raises $15 million for its second-hand smartphone business in India by @refsrc

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Hear why Netflix's leadership works one-on-one with a diversity and inclusion coach from Wade Davis, Netflix VP of Inclusion Strategy.

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Twitter tests new e-commerce features for tweets by @sarahintampa

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Uber's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Bo Young Lee, on the company's diversity goals and the right way to get there

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