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Does climate change violate children's human rights? A European court may soon decide

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Here is a playlist with select episodes from TIME’s 10 best podcasts of 2020

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• Back Issue

On Back Issue, which celebrates pop culture phenomena that were largely overlooked, Tracy Clayton and Josh Gwynn strike the perfect balance between pure fandom and criticism

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• Home Cooking

If we’re all going to be stuck in our kitchens for the long haul as the pandemic continues, we might as well strive to make feeding ourselves as joyful an experience as possible, and Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway's show sets us well on our way

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• Dead Eyes

Dead Eyes is a funny podcast grounded in pettiness that somehow manages to be relatable rather than obnoxious—in part, perhaps, because of its host’s underdog status

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• Floodlines

The reporting for this Hurricane Katrina podcast began long before the pandemic. But listening in 2020, it’s hard not to draw comparisons between how the Bush administration handled an unexpected disaster and how the Trump administration responded to COVID-19

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• The Daily

The Daily has been a constant presence during a chaotic year. Science and health reporter Donald G. McNeil, Jr., in particular, has been a beacon for Daily listeners, providing crucial information on how to move through the world as safely as possible

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• Outsiders

It’s rare to find reporting on the large structural issues behind the surge in homelessness on the West Coast that also humanizes the unsheltered people at the center of the debate. Outsiders’ ability to do both is a uniquely compelling narrative feat

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• You Must Remember This: Polly Platt

Since 2014, the beloved podcast has explored the myths and realities of Hollywood’s first century. The miniseries on producer, writer and production designer Polly Platt that host Karina Longworth produced this year is the show’s best yet

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• Staying In With Emily and Kumail

Celebrity couple Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani offer excellent advice on how to survive quarantine. The two have an easy comic energy and seem to genuinely like one another as human beings (surprisingly rare on couple-hosted podcasts)

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• Code Switch

Code Switch has been hosting insightful discussions on race for years. It’s fantastic that this four-year-old podcast continues to earn new listeners because it deserved that attention long before anti-racism became a buzzword in 2020

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• Nice White Parents

The New York Times‘ Serial Productions conducted a deep dive into the New York Public school system, among the most segregated in the country, for a podcast that is difficult to stop thinking about once you’ve heard it

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"When I began to put together this list, I focused on podcasts that worked to respond to this moment," writes @edockterman. "Each show, in some way, catered to particular needs in this extraordinary year."

Here, the best podcasts of 2020

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Find out who will be the 2020 TIME Person of the Year on December 10 at 10/9c on NBC #TIMEPOY

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Democrats are already looking ahead to 2022 midterms

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#TheUndoing's fatal flaw was its disrespect for its audience,” writes @judyberman

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Replying to @annabelgutt: I spoke with the director of #TheUndoing all about last night’s episode, and got to the bottom of something that’s been bu…

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I spoke with the director of #TheUndoing all about last night’s episode, and got to the bottom of something that’s been bugging me this whole time: will Henry get his dog?!

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What to know about J.D. Vance’s "Hillbilly Elegy" as the movie adaptation hits Netflix

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TIME's new cover: The U.S. outbreak is worse than it's ever been. Why aren't Americans acting like it?

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