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Artist and polymath Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy) shares her earliest comic book memories, her regret in choosing a name based on Jean Grey from the X-Men instead of her true hero, Deadpool, and more on the #MarvelMethod podcast! 🎧

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What secrets are haunting America Chavez? Read our recap of the debut issue from the hero's new series, "America Chavez: Made in the USA" #1, now! 💥

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New comics are here! Preview "Demon Days: X-Men," "King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling," and more on a new #MarvelsPullList podcast:

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X-Men, raise your swords! ⚔️ The ENTIRE #XofSwords crossover event is now available to read on @MarvelUnlimited:

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A portal punching princess from another planet! Just who is America Chavez? ⭐ Presented by @ToyotaLatino #Sienna.

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#MarvelStormbreakers artist @peachmomoko60 transforms Black Widow, Nightcrawler, and more in "Demon Days: Mariko" #1, coming this June!

Read more about the next chapter in the "Demon Days" saga here:

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New from @AconyteBooks' 'Marvel Heroines' line, "Elsa Bloodstone: Bequest" will set its focus on one of Marvel's smart-mouthed monster hunter extraordinaire.

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THIS WEEK'S MISSION: Create Nico Minoru's Staff of One using ONLY safe household items and materials.

You have one week to complete your task. Post your photo or video here with the #MarvelMission hashtag for the chance to be featured in our round-up of favorites!

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Only two days until the finale of Marvel Studios' #WandaVision. Rewatch Episode 8 now on #DisneyPlus.

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We're in the mood for a retro treat. A cookies and frosting snack for Billy and Tommy, coming right up!

Marvel Studios' #WandaVision is streaming now on #DisneyPlus:

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From his early days as an avid Marvel reader to the lasting impression that Marvel stories have left on his life and work, George R.R. Martin (@GRRMspeaking) shares all on a bonus podcast episode of #MarvelsDeclassified:

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It's time for liftoff! Here are some of our favorite #MarvelMission: Ironheart's helmet created by YOU:

Kayla Montes
Madelyn Hughes
Jensen Kugler
Christy Hawrylko

See more on :

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Uncover the past before the finale of Marvel Studios' #WandaVision starts streaming Friday on #DisneyPlus.

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America Chavez returns in an explosive new series! Discover secrets of the hero's past when "America Chavez: Made in the USA" #1 hits stands tomorrow. 💥

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The best late night meal to keep you on the grind, inspired by Dr. #DarcyLewis!

Catch up on episodes of Marvel Studios' #WandaVision before this finale this Friday:

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Spoilers ahead! Here's your look at the latest #MarvelMustHaves for Marvel Studios' #WandaVision, a glimpse into what happens next in Westview...

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Did you catch Marvel on @Jeopardy? Buzz in if you know the answer, true believers!


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Discover the #MarvelComics history of the magical son of Scarlet Witch!

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March is flying high! Coming up this month: Marvel Studios’ #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier, the finale of #WandaVision, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, #DisneyRaya with Premier Access, and even more on #DisneyPlus.

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