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Many thanks to the @CriticsChoice Super Awards for their super recognition of 'Sonic the Hedgehog.' I knew that little blue bastard was a gold mine! ;^P

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Quoted @KingJames


Ding dong the witch is dead! All hail King James!

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For Goodness’ Sake!   #BidenHarris

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Mark Meadows. Hellbound Class of 2020

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No trick-or-treating this year. No bags of candies touched by strangers. This is his America; his house of horrors. His hideous transformation is almost complete. Your vote is the silver bullet. #BidenHarris

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Quoted @Jeff_Daniels

If you agree, please retweet. If you don't, retweet it twice.

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Donald J. Trump. Hellbound Class of 2020

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There are 2 parties to choose from in our corporate idiocracy. Neither is perfect. But only one is guilty of criminal negligent homicide on a massive scale, and probably, treason. Red is dead. Do blue instead. #BidenHarris

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Let’s make it happen. Let’s send him home. #BidenHarris

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Susan Collins, Hellbound Class of 2020

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Quoted @THR

#TheComeyRule star @Jeff_Daniels debuts song "Trumpty Dumpty Blues"

Jeff Daniels’ insight and talent take the cake. Luckily for us, he’s willing to share it. #BidenHarris

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Gee...it must have been hard for poor John Kelly to sit idly by with his mouth shut and his hands behind his back while the “most flawed” and “pathetic” person he had ever met put the entire country, and democracy itself, in peril. Care to go on the record, General Braveheart?

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There is a black hole on @NBC tonight. Tune in to @ABC at 8pm and watch a decent man deliver a safe way forward for this country. You can see the raging howler monkey-in-chief’s delusional and steroid fueled fails later on YouTube and, of course, all white supremacist websites.

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Onstage I play
But at night I pray
That we’re done standing
In our own way

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I’m cured of the Covid. I’m totally immune. Who you gonna believe, me or some scientific test results? Regeneron is great. Every senior’s gonna get some and Mexico’s gonna pay for it!

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Ted Cruz, Hellbound Class of 2020

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Trump’s evil has shifted into hyperdrive. Pushing an unproven drug he’s financially invested in to seniors. Calling for the unlawful arrest of Joe Biden.
Expect a catastrophe soon (his doing) so he can declare martial law and cancel the election.
Till then...see you Sat night.

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Lindsey Graham, Hellbound Class of 2020

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“And if I may rudely continue, I find the Senator’s ability to recognize my bootlicking highly offensive. Clearly her desire to speak tonight is an attempt to seduce me away from my wife that will not succeed as I busted a nut before I came out here.”

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