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Lakers won, bitch 💜💛

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A woman in men’s clothes, Jaye gets no respect. It’s time to straighten her tie, face the taunts, and win the courtroom trial of her life. That or kiss her career goodbye along with the first woman she hoped would stay. #LGBT #WF #A #PitMad

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Fed up with being number two in a struggling duo, a young musician convinces her secretive partner to sign a contract with a manager (who may be a murderer) inadvertently setting up a competition where the cost of winning could be her best friend’s life. #PitMad #YA #CON #LGBT #S

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Lucy has always been about her family & their epic history. She even owns a vintage shop to honor them. When a developer tries to shut her down she reluctantly agrees to fake date his son to try & stop him for good, but can she really trust Jonathon? #Pitmad #R

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10YO Marigold isn't ready to visit her HUGE family in NM at Thanksgiving. She’s the ONLY only child among her primos, the only one not 100% Latina.
And her mother wants her to become the life of the party.
Will she survive this trip?
#PitMad #OWN #MG

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When Eleanor's twin-sisters' prank = beastly Serpent King's wrath, she must wed him & leave for the sea to save their lives. As her fondness of the beast grows, so does her desire to go home. Whose ties will prove stronger? Beast & sea or family & land? #Pitmad Baltic #lore #YA

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Not getting attention from a publisher during #pitmad DOES NOT mean you or your work isn't good enough.

If you spent hours reading, writing, and editing your work, YOU ARE AWESOME.

This industry is sometimes blind to true talent.

But I'm not.

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Cactus has everything she needs - but good luck telling that to her friend Roadrunner, who is on a personal mission to add pizzazz to her life. Cactus gently shows how contentment takes root in gratitude and the beauty of the natural world. #PitMad #PB

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IRISH MYTHOLOGY x The Heroes Journey

Ciaran has to balance turning 12, saving his mom and the world from evil giants, and learning how to be a minotaur. Should be a piece of cake, right? #PitMad #MG #F

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