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It’s OK to be devastated for Michael Penix & sad that his awesome season was cut short, BUT also have optimism in our ability to succeed in the remaining games/push for history. Every #iufb win thus far has been a team-win, with different people stepping up each game #LEO

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On the very next play, Tuttle hands it off to Baldwin, but he continues his role as if he’s running play-action. It freezes No. 18 for Maryland and takes him out of the play. Tuttle’s details in his first action stood out. #iufb 3/x

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On this pass, Tuttle fully sells the play-action, not shorting the fake. Then, he throws a good ball—not a rainbow that gives MD a chance to cover it, but not a hard fastball. #iufb 2/

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I wanted to showcase two plays that stood out for me with Tuttle from Saturday. These were back-to-back plays. #IUFB 1/

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@DarrenEngelhard @jimcoyleISB No doubt @IndianaFootball is still somehow going to win the #B1GChampionship. This is #iufb’s year of destiny. #Covid19 be damned!

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Look at that #iufb

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@jacktuttle14 next man up! You got this! Go Big Red! #LEO #iufb

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Speedy recovery, Penix! And here's to awesomeness, Tuttle! #GoIU #IUFB #Hoosiers

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Any ideas on recovery time for ACL re-injuries? I’m no expert, but we may be looking at 2022 for any #iufb return for Penix.

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@TheAthleticIND Looks like I won't be drinking Dr Pepper for the rest of the season. I tweet that instead of direct snaps to the running backs Penix should be running the ball himself. He does it once and is out for the season. I'm guilty of jinxing #IUFB.

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Of course Michael Penix is out for the rest of the season. Another of the most #IUFB things ever.

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Here are five things you need to know about #iufb quarterback Jack Tuttle.

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All of this is a ham-fisted way of saying, in a year when budgets are already strained by the impact of COVID, pulling Allen away from IU this winter would be very costly. #iufb

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Allen's full contract amended the original MOU to include $500,000 a year in deferred compensation, as well as outside, marketing and promotional income. Through Nov. 30, 2022, any buyout would include 100 percent of remaining deferred comp., as well as OMPI. My mistake. #iufb

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Looking for the perfect gift for the Hoosiers fan in your life? Look no more! #GoIU #IUbb #IUfb

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@sportsrapport Dude, a lucky onside kick isn’t going to save you from this stupid hot take #iufb

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I need to amend an earlier tweet, forgive me:

Tom Allen's buyout between now and Dec. 1, 2021, is actually about $23.5 million. #iufb

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@themikepenix Much love thank you for everything this season! #iufb @IndianaFootball

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Can OSU folks please stop calling a potential OSU/UW Champions Week matchup as the B10 “Second place game.” By any math I know, that’s the 3rd place game... #iufb

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It is officially *checks watch* Tuttle Time, Hoosier Nation #IUFB

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With Penix’s ACL injury, Jack Tuttle will be the starter the rest of the way out. The four star out of HS was an Elite 11 Finalist QB and his father has #iufb ties. I expect the Hoosiers to come out and look good Saturday. #LEO

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Hope the best for him. That’s twice! #iufb

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Just as a reference point:

Penix suffered 2018 torn ACL on Oct. 20, was able to return for fall camp in early August, 2019. Was actually ready in June/July, and able to throw the ball at the 2019 spring practices.

I have no clue the impact of reinjuring the same knee. #iufb

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you: Penix Jr. going down again is possible proof that god does indeed hate #iufb

me: what's gonna happen is Tuttle's gonna be a beast and we're gonna win the big ten. and then the rose bowl's gonna get canceled. because the fall to the valley gotta be from the mountaintop

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Penix may be gone but I have faith Tuttle can get the job done. Week to prepare. We will be alright. #iufb

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Don’t get too excited about covid cancelations #iufb fans.

We can only have 7 more cancellations in the league before the average number of played games is 6, which allows the league to lower the minimum needed for the championship.

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It’s amazing how so many people think that the only reason we are having such a good year is because of Penix. It’s crazy to me that I’ve seen some people say our season is over. Prove em wrong #iufb

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In Jack Tuttle we trust! #iufb

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Could it possibly happen??? #iufb Hoosiers to Indy?? 👀

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Wishing a full and speedy recovery to @themikepenix. Even bigger and better things to come in the future! #IUFB

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Damn 😥 get well soon @themikepenix #iufb

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Well, there it is. Michael Penix Jr. is out for the season with a torn ACL.

As @CoachAllenIU said today, it will take a lot of grit from the Hoosiers to overcome this loss. #iufb

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#iufb QB is far too familiar with what he faces in the coming months.

@Jon_Blau⁩ story

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Ramsey where r you again?!!! #iufb

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Wishing you nothing but a speedy recovery @themikepenix #IUFB

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Indiana QB Michael Penix Jr. will miss the rest of this season with a torn ACL, coach Tom Allen announced.

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"Update on Michael Penix Jr. He has torn his ACL and will be out for the season."

- @CoachAllenIU

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Michael Penix Jr. is out for season.

Indiana will now rely on former 4-star QB and Utah transfer Jack Tuttle.

Tuttle was an Elite 11 finalist. He went 5-5 on Saturday against Maryland in relief of Penix.

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Breaking - TMI has learned the #Michigan is pausing all team activities due to a few "presumptive positive" COVID tests. -

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College Football MVPs

Offense: Jaret Patterson, Buffalo RB
Defense: Micah McFadden, Indiana LB

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