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Oscars Watch: 2020 AARP Movies for Grownups Awards


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#sponsored by @AmazonStudios | “Can’t I just be an artist, why do I always have to be a black artist?” #OneNightInMiami writer Kemp Powers and director Regina King reveal why the conversation between four leaders in 1964 still resonates today.

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ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI... For your consideration in all categories including Best Picture and Best Director Regina King. Critics call Regina King’s Direction “terrifically sharp!” Learn more here. @AmazonStudios #OneNightInMiami

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@leslieodomjr is a guest on this week's episode of [X] on [Y], sharing some of his favorite @OfficialSCooke songs that inspired him while portraying the soul legend in #OneNightInMiami. Listen to it now only on @Spotify! #xony

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Finally watched #OneNightinMiami saying it’s amazing is selling it short. 🙌🏾

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Did a thing with #KingsleyBenAdir. Thank you @BAFTALA and congratulations Kingsley on the #EEBaftaRisingStar nomination

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If you haven't managed to see #OneNightinMiami it is currently available on #AmazonPrimeVideo - it is excellent. Superb performances all round. But @leslieodomjr performing 'A change is gonna come' as Sam Cooke completely broke me. #Bravo

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Get into our latest episodes! @artsy_allen and @theshadesmith discuss #OneNightinMiami and #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah with special guest Dominique Thorne. @AndraDayMusic Golden globe winning performance is discussed in Episode 6! Join the #performingblaq movement!

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@Live_for_Films #OneNightinMiami some good acting and philosophical points raised. Odom steals the film by the end, he's mesmerising

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One Night: il concerto di Marc Anthony in livestream
#OneNightinMiami #MarcAnthonyUnaNoche

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.@ReginaKing talks about the relevance of #OneNightInMiami on @LateNightSeth!

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One Night in Miami actor Kingsley Ben-Adir is nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star Award #KingsleyBenAdir #onenightinmiami

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You have to watch #onenightinmiami because it is fabulous. What a story. Incredible performances by all the cast. Direction by Regina King. Every actor is superb. But dear god, @leslieodomjr was sheer magic. I had to just have a cry when the movie was over. #achangeisgonnacome

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Kingsley Ben-Adir is SO good #OneNightinMiami

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"You could move mountains without lifting a finger!"
Such a powerful quote.
Such a powerful scene.
Such a powerful movie.

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Thank you @ReginaKing for putting Sam Cooke’s music back in heavy rotation #OneNightinMiami

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#OnenightinMiami is not what I thought it was going to be.

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Two questions:
Have you seen One Night in Miami, and why not?

@leslieodomjr @AldisHodge @kingsleybenadir
#blackhistory #onenightinmiami #samcooke #jimbrown #cassiusclay #MalcolmX

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I watched #SamCookeLegend which was cool to watch after having seen #OneNightinMiami b/c it helped fill in the backstory.

It focused more on his rise in music vs the wild things happening in his life of course.

So interesting to see how he carved the path for him + others.

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For us to be free we got to have economic freedom

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Something that #OneNightinMiami did well was illustrate the pressure an oppressed people feel w/in their grp. The pressure to be "a credit to the race," or to advocate or be vocal against oppression. Add that on TOP of all the other stresses of daily life from discrimination.

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What movie should you watch next on Amazon Prime? Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Amazon Prime Movies You Need To Watch.

#amazonprime #primevideo #amazonprimevideo #amazonprimemovies #primemovies #movies #movies2021 #onenightinmiami #whattowatch

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What a list!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Seriously hard choice. Big fan though of Morfydd, Sope and Kingsley in particular. 🎥🎞🙌🏻🍾 #saintmaud #OneNightinMiami #hishouse #movies #films #FilmTwitter #BAFTAS

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Eli Goree, façon que le petit là joue Mohamed Ali dans #OneNightInMiami ? Purée de patate, la chaire de poule de ça 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ On aurait dit Cassius Clay lui-même. Bien mieux que Will Smith 👌🏽

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Os indicados para o Rising Star Award, categoria do BAFTA que homenageia novos talentos na área da atuação no ano, são:

⭐Bukky Bakray (Rocks)
⭐Conrad Khan (County Lines)
⭐Kingsley Ben-Adir ( #OneNightInMiami)
⭐Morfydd Clark (Saint Maud)
⭐Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù (His House)

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Segundo o Goldderby, essas são as principais apostas para receber uma indicação a ‘Melhor Filme’ no Oscar 2021. Confira:

1. #Nomadland
2. Os 7 de Chicago
3. Minari
4. #MaRainey
5. #OneNightinMiami
6. Mank
7. Promising Young Woman
8. The Father
9. News of the World

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Aldis Hodge will be receiving Miami Film Festival’s Art of Light Award on March 6. I was able to speak with the actor on his most recent role as NFL great Jim Brown in #OneNightinMiami and his push for more inclusion in the entertainment industry

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@ErrolWebber Am going to pray for you . You are truly a OREO. I hope you watched #OneNightinMiami the scene when MR Clayton reminded Jim Brown no matter how much money or fame he still is considered him BLK. I can’t believe you are Jamaican Coon. #BlackLivesMatter @TalbertSwan #NYC

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Happy #WomensHistoryMonth 🎉

Today we celebrate Oscar winner Regina King! 🙌🏻

She was a knockout in #Watchmen and now her directorial debut #OneNightinMiami has landed her in the Oscar race 👏🏼

#GeekBombIWM #IWD2021

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Why am I wearing this t-shirt? Because I loved #OneNightinMiami + it’s #AwardsSeason ! The @CriticsChoice awards will be handed out on Sunday on @TheCW so be sure to tune in!
#filmcritic #movies #awards

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VIDEO: @ReginaKing talks about the relevance of #OneNightInMiami on @LateNightSeth!

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VIDEO: @ReginaKing talks about the relevance of #OneNightInMiami on @LateNightSeth!

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34. #OneNightinMiami (2020)

Director: Regina King

Escritor: Kemp Powers

Origen: Estados Unidos

Puntuación: 6/10

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Only a few days left to vote in our #SAWards2021!

The best films of 2020, nominated by us, winners voted on by #FilmTwitter.

#Tenet #OneNightinMiami #PromisingYoungWoman #PortraitOfALadyOnFire #Da5Bloods #BirdsOfPrey #MaRainey #HisHouse


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It’s official! Meet the all-British lineup of nominees for the 2021 @EE Rising Star Award:

⭐Bukky Bakray
⭐Conrad Khan
⭐Kingsley Ben-Adir
⭐Morfydd Clark
⭐Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù

Find out more: #EEBAFTAs

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