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Is this being aired to the public via MSM? #ImpeachBidenNow #ImpeachKamalaHarris #ImpeachBiden #ImpeachKamala #CCP #SaveAmerica #SaveOurConstitution

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#ImpeachBidenNow Trending, But Not Because Of Trump Supporters

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@realOmarSheriff Yep, & it's gonna be worse than 2008 - 2009 crash. The whole market is being propped up by fictitious numbers used by the D.C. elitists. #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #ImpeachBidenNow #Itsallabiglie #Tucker

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#Democrats hate #Americans but love themselves some #COVID19 infected #IllegalAliens #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #OpenSchoolsNow #OpenUpAmericaNow #EndTheLockdowns #ImpeachBidenNow

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The illegitimate evil deep state establishment dummy puppet mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal pervert racist bribe taking China owned dead fish eyed crazy @JoeBiden should not be calling anyone names he reads off of the teleprompter #ImpeachBidenNow

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That's exactly what the public needs. Biden's voters had no idea half the things in the bill. Their only given the good stuff! #ImpeachBidenNow #ImpeachKamala #ImpeachBiden #ImpeachKamalaHarris #CCP #SaveAmerica

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Who should be held accountable for exploiting his alleged mental issues? Pretty sad. #ImpeachKamalaHarris #ImpeachKamala #ImpeachBidenNow #CCP #SaveAmerica
Joe Biden is COLLAPSING via @FacebookWatch

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@ChipYost @KTLA That is Biden's fault for giving illegals a false impression that they will get a fast pass to citizenship! #ImpeachBidenNow

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@DonaldJTrumpJr That's why we need our borders! 😡. Your father was keeping us safe. These leftist have no idea the crime that is gonna be flooding in. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Wait til they lose someone they care about. #MAGA 🇺🇸 #ImpeachBidenNow #ImpeachHarrisNow

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@newsmax @JrzyJoePiscopo @seanspicer @LyndsayMKeith The basket of #morons love them some #jackassjoe the #feebleoldman who needs to be #ImpeachBidenNow

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@POTUS is making poor decisions every day that hurt our country! Its time to

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So Biden has killed 13 illegal aliens in California.


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Hey #Joementia, can the #Neanderthal community access the internet, unlike the black and Hispanic community? #Biden #ImpeachBidenNow

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The Democrats are destroying this country. #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #ImpeachBidenHarris #BidenLied #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident #ImpeachBidenNow #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic

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Lets talk about the illegals he illegals come into our country w Covid. #ImpeachBidenNow

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Biden just called all of you in Texas and Mississippi, Neanderthals.

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Today is March 03, 2021 and @joebiden
is the most corrupt president in American history. #ImpeachBidenNow #ImpeachBiden #ImpeachHarris #lyingPOS #hailtothethief

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Every single bill should be read aloud so the public can hear very clearly what’s in it.

Joe Biden thinks many people are too dumb to get on the internet, so by his racist standards no one should be expected to read bills online.

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I am sick of a stimulus check being dangled over the heads of American families!!

There is no fuss over sending big bucks overseas to pay for gender studies BUT the lingering longer of sending money to Americans is mind boggling!

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The Biden Administration is recklessly releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants who have COVID into Texas communities.

The Biden Admin. must IMMEDIATELY end this callous act that exposes Texans & Americans to COVID.

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@SenTedCruz No he hasn't. We know that and he can't remember that! #ImpeachBidenNow #jackassjoe #feebleoldman #NotMyPresident

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@abitconfuzed @dow_lopez The only "Law" Joe Biden "created" was criminal justice law that locked up thousands of black men. Trump put a end to that stupid crap. Biden has done NOTHING in his 48 yrs in DC to help anyone!!!!! #ImpeachBidenNow

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@NYGovCuomo just said almost the same thing @JoeBiden said about the credible sexual harassment allegations against him.
These pariahs must be IMPEACHED & CONVICTED!
#ImpeachCuomoNow #ImpeachBidenNow #PedoJoeBiden

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Where's the outrage? Where's the Impeachment threat?

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BREAKING: Biden Administration detaining migrant children longer than the law allows, according to documents obtained by CNN

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FBI Official Says No Guns Were Recovered During Capitol Riot Arrests

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Biden is more concerned with MASKS IN TEXAS


I’d wear FIVE MASKS A DAY if he prioritized border security, but I don’t expect he’ll do that.

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NEW - Biden slams Texas, Mississippi for lifting COVID restrictions: "The last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking."

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It is the DUTY of the @POTUS to protect US citizens...this should be enough to #ImpeachBidenNow ...@GOP, at least bring it up. He is clearly not suited to do the job.

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The DHS just released thousands of COVID positive migrants into the United States.

Welcome to the Biden Administration.

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Netflix was widely praised for “Cuties,” a French film that sexualized kids.

But now, Dr. Seuss books are too offensive to exist.

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