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It’s really a treat to watch brilliant performers like @AnupamPKher @KapilSharmaK9 @satishkaushik2 together on one stage.
Thank you for entertaining us during these difficult times.
May all of you keep rocking.
It’s true
“तुम जो मिल गए हो यह जहाँ मिल गया ! “

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कपिल शर्मा के शो पर जाने का मज़ा हमेशा आता है। लेकिन आज उनके साथ गाने का मौक़ा ज़बरदस्ती उठाया।वो भी मेरे फ़ेवरेट गाने के साथ।@KapilSharmaK9 तो मंझे गायक है।पर मेरी कोशिश पर भी ग़ौर फ़रमाइए।आपको ये जुगलबंदी शायद अच्छी लगे। दिल से गाया है।🙏😍🤓😎 # #JoyOfSinging #TumJoMilGayeHo

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👇Need to reconnect with #HansteZakham .. with the absolutely fascinating #PriyaRajvansh and its amazing music.. #Betaab_dil_ki_tamanna_yehi_hai and #Yeh_maana_meri_jaan ... Ah_may_zing 🎶🎞️📚🍀

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You Are Absolutely Right Dear 👍
#Madanjis Song from the Film #HansteZakham
"Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Toh Aisa Lagta Hai Ke Jahan Mil Gaya"
Excellent Fusion Of Western & Classical Orchestra 🎼🎵😍

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Madan’s music was characterized by his immense ability to meld elements of Indian classical music into a new style of Hindi filmi song. He had a keen and sensitive ear for the nuances of Indian classical tunes and combined them with elements of Western

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"Tum jo Mil gaye ho
To Yeh lagta hai kay Jahan Mil gaya
Ek bhatkay huay raahi ko
Caaravan Mil gaya "


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@FilmHistoryPic @aapkadharam Tum jo mil gaye ho...amazingly beautiful romantic song on her in #hanstezakham. #rafimagic #navinnischal

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Watching #hanstezakham on @ZeeClassic. All songs is my favoret in this film. Thnx Zeeclassic.

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