Did you know that Canada is the 4th most patriotic country in the world? That’s right! Out of 196 Countries listed we are number 4 and with good reason. I mean, we invented the telephone, cable TV, Hockey, and the Poutine! There are literally hundreds of reasons to be Proudly Canadian.

Wouldn't you love to add Canada’s great shopping deals to the list?

That’s where Sale4TheDay comes in. We were so frustrated by the amazing deals available exclusively to the United States that we decided to bring the deals to Canada and offer them to our American neighbors as well. Our concept is so simple, every day we put a new incredible item on sale at a ridiculously discounted price for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds from midnight to 11:59:59 EST.  We're always looking for the next great product to sell on our Canadian flash sales site. We have the lowest prices on products that you just can't live without. We believe you should be able to maximize your buying power by getting the best bargains on the products you want the most.

How do we get the best deals, you ask? We negotiate for you the best prices directly from the manufacturer, buy these amazing products in bulk, and list them with the best possible pricing on the Canadian market day in and day out.

At, we always stand behind our deals! Some days it's brand new, fresh off the rack products while other days it's manufacturer re-certified products that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Regardless what day you visit Sale4TheDay, you are guaranteed to see prices that will make your jaw drop!

So enjoy yourselves here at and let us give the world one more great reason why we are Proudly Canadian!

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